Love & Gelato

2022 1h 51m 1426

Lina is about to graduate high school and has her sights set on her future at MIT. But when her mom gets sick, she encourages Lina to follow in her footsteps and have “the summer of a lifetime” in Rome. Using her mom’s old diary as a guide, she explores the romantic and magical city, where she just might find love... and gelato, of course.

Director: Adriano Sacco, Alessandro Paris, Brandon Camp, Elide Cortesi, Giulio Cupperi, Matteo Ciotola, Salvatore Cerella, Simona Berenice Vignoli

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Cast: Alex Boniello, Anjelika Washington, Antonio Landi, Claudia Stecher, Cristiano Piacenti, Jacopo Relucenti, Jo Michelle Favaro, Luca Seta, Marie-France Arcilla, Owen McDonnell, Saul Nanni, Susanna Skaggs

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