Pups Alone

2021 1h 47m 1226

After receiving an exciting new job opportunity at a cutting edge Pet Invention company, Robert, his teenage daughter Jenna and their trusty and special border collie Charlie make the move to the new neighborhood, right before Christmas. Upon arriving, Robert meets his gorgeous next door neighbor Holly, and her sassy and spunky border collie Gidget. Before the sparks can fly, they are set upon my Robert’s conniving and obnoxious next door neighbor and project manager Victor, his neighborhood bully bulldog “Vinnie P” and the sycophantic sidekick Chihuahua “Jose”.

Director: Alex Merkin

Genre: Comedy, Family

Cast: Allegra Lucchesi, Brandon Burrows, Christopher Frontiero, Christopher Zuckert, Courtney Lauren Penn, Danny Trejo, Dolph Lundgren, Ellie Panger, Eric Roberts, Isadora Swann, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jerry O'Connell

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