The Flag of Iron

1980 1h 53m 663

A tale of deadly deception and betrayal unfolds when the leader of the respectable Iron Flag clan is assassinated by The Spearman while the clan fights the villainous Eagle clan. Iron Flag's eldest brother, Lo, the second brother accepts the responsibility for the deaths of the Eagle clan and goes into hiding from the authorities. Meanwhile, Chow Feng takes charge, using his position for disreputable purposes. Seeing Lo, as a potential threat, Feng sends the "nefarious" Ten Killers of the Underworld to finish him. But Lo defeats them and confronts Feng with the aid of The Spearman who hopes to atone for having unwittingly killed a righteous man, Iron Flag's former leader.

Director: Chang Cheh

Genre: Action

Cast: Ailen Sit Chun-Wai, Chan Shen, Chiang Sheng, Hsiao Yu, Lam Chi-Tai, Lam Fai-Wong, Lam Sau-Kwan, Lau Fong-Sai, Lu Feng, Lung Tien-Hsiang, Ngai Tim-Choi, Philip Kwok Chun-Fung

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